About Us

AG Baltic was etablished in 2001. Since then AG Baltic has gained a lot of experience in production for the boat business.

We produce a wide range of pilot seats, canopies, halyard bags, rudder and rigs bags and stainless steel products. 90% of AG Baltic production is made in our factory, starting from scratch and using the latest technology. We innovate our equipment to stay on top of quality and productivity.

Our customers include Marex, Windy, Yamarin, Skorgenes, Nimbus, Saga, Hobby Boats, Anytec, Sea Life and many others.

At the moment JSC AG Baltic has more than 40 employees, 2000 square meters of production/ assembly halls and it is one of the biggest companies in Lithuania, European Union, producing boat interiors/exteriors and yacht accessories.

Bellow you can find few examples of our works on the power boats:

Power boat seats Navy

Power boat seats Navy

Power boat double seats

Power boat seats Cockpit


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AG Baltic